Friday, September 7, 2018

Featured Jump Pilot - Daniel with Skydive San Marcos

Meet our Featured Jump Pilot Daniel, a Caravan pilot with Skydive San Marcos. A drop zone just south of Austin Texas. This is not only a Drop Zone that I use to fly for, but the exact same airplane that I flew while I was there in 2012! Although, they have replaced the standard 675hp Pratt engine with a 900hp Blackhawk Modifications upgrade. I still have yet to fly one of these modified Caravans, but hopefully in the near future!

Age: 34
From: Australia
Total Time: 1350 hours
Company: Skydive San Marcos
Location: San Marcos, Texas USA
Years Flying Skydivers: 13 months

What do you like most about flying skydivers?

Being PIC! Landing and taking off  in 100 degree weather with dust devils. Trying to have perfect landings. Perfecting my jump runs. I could go on for an hour! I just love this shit! lol 

What are your career goals?

Flying bigger and faster aircraft in the most challenging situations I can find. I'm not in it for the money. By the time I'm 45 I would like to think that my experience is as such that I could freelance around the world in November tail numbers. If that doesn't work, then corporate flying.

What is your advice for younger pilots?

Hustle, to the point that some will love you for it or some will blatantly tell you to eff off. Never forget how lucky you are to have become a pilot. Most people can only dream of the opportunity. If you can pay for food and shelter while building hours, you are beyond blessed.

If you have any questions for Daniel, please post them below this article on the Skydiver Driver Blog!

Feel free to visit the Skydive San Marcos site

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