Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Video of Skydiver getting stuck underneath airplane at 10,000 feet

Normally when you hear of a skydiver having a "problem", it has something to do with their parachute. However, on Friday near Lima Peru, the skydiver's jumpsuit became part of the problem.

As first reported by ABC News, after skydiver Fernando Gava jumped out of the airplane, he was still attached to it! The pant leg on his jumpsuit become snagged on the jump step of the jump plane. 

The Jump Pilot had to fly around for approximately 30 minutes while the skydiver tried to cut his pant leg off with a knife that he had. All skydivers AND Jump Pilots are trained to keep a hook knife on them at all times and luckily Fernando had his on him.

He was able to free himself from the circling Cessna 182 with his hook knife and landed safely on the ground, as did the airplane. He received a warm welcome from his fellow skydivers and medical attention to a cut on his hand upon his landing.

- SkyDiverDriver.com