Friday, January 15, 2016

Review (with video) - Less Altitude, Less Options

In the video below a fellow Jump Pilot on short final correctly executes a go-around after a skydiver lands on the runway. Humans landing right in front of us while we're on short final is not something that they teach us pilots at flight schools.

Based on the windsock that you can see in the video it is obvious that the pilot had a strong wind coming from his left. That same strong wind is one reason why the skydiver landed near his runway and is also why that skydiver might have been dragged onto the runway after he landed.

This video should serve as a reminder to us Jump Pilots to:

  • Always scan the skies for aircraft and skydivers, especially while on short final (Less altitude, less options).
  • Always try to leave yourself an out.
  • Do not feel pressured to land the aircraft if you're not comfortable with the landing environment.

My fellow Jump Pilots, please remember to review often and fly safe so that you can continue to have fun!


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