Monday, March 2, 2015

New Jump Pilots, let's have a SAFE and fun 2015!

Most of the Jump Pilot hiring is done between now and the end of April and I have been reminded of that this past week. A lot of emails from newly hired Jump Pilots with tons of questions about their new job and the industry. 

I love helping younger pilots, so keep the emails coming. As I told them, I will repeat here... you will more than likely be pressured to fly a load of skydivers when you know that you should say no. SAY IT! If you don't, it might be more than your license that you lose. 

In my years as a Jump Pilot, I have refused to fly in marginal weather and/or quickly approaching crappy weather. I have refused to start the engine until everyone was seated the correct direction and wearing their safety belts. I have refused to start the engine after noticing that an extra skydiver boarded. They thought it was funny. It is not funny and those silly games can kill us and a respectable DZO will have your back every time. If he/she doesn't back you as a Jump Pilot.... leave. 

Here's to a SAFE and fun 2015!

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