Saturday, March 29, 2014

Skydive Las Vegas acquires Sin City Skydiving

In business since 1993, Skydive Las Vegas operates a PAC 750 out of Boulder City Airport (BVU), about 20 miles southeast of "The Strip". Numerous sources have told me that they recently purchased Sin City Skydiving that operates a C206 out of Jean Nevada which is located about 20 miles south of the strip. 

If you visit the Sin City Skydiving site it states: "Sin City Skydiving is on temporary hiatus at this time. For immediate service, please contact Skydive Las Vegas at 702-SKY-DIVE or visit their website at Blue Skies..."

There is another drop zone, Vegas Extreme Skydiving, operating a PAC 750 out of the same Jean Nevada airport (0L7). It is not known at this time whether Skydive Las Vegas plans on moving their newly acquired company to another airport (ie. North Las Vegas airport), growing it at its current location or simply liquidating it.

It IS known that the two Las Vegas skydiving companies are not the best of friends. So if the two do end up operating out of the same small airport, I foresee at least a couple of arguments and feather ruffling. Hopefully my fellow jump pilots will not get dragged into the drama. I have a feeling this story will have some updates in the near future.

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