Monday, February 17, 2014

Will Smith goes skydiving at Skydive Dubai

Will Smith and his two sons, Jaden and Trey, recently went skydiving at Skydive Dubai. His youngest son is only 15 years old, which would have been an issue at any U.S. drop zone. 

Although the U.S. government doesn't care how old a skydiver is, the state governments will not allow a parent to sign away the rights of a minor to sue. The USPA requires its member drop zones to only allow skydivers 18 years or older to jump. Now, considering that he is one of the most popular actors on the planet, I'm sure that more than a few drop zones in the U.S. would have surely risked getting sued in exchange for all of the publicity.  However, Mr. Smith decided to jump at Skydive Dubai instead.  Not a bad choice, considering that it is one of the largest, newest and most respected drop zones in the world.

Before skydiving with his sons and to feel more comfortable with his decision to let them jump, The Fresh Prince went skydiving a week prior with his old co-star Alfonso Riberio. He also got some wind tunnel time with the Crown Prince of Dubai.

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