Thursday, January 9, 2014

New FAA Advisory Circular recently released concerning Sport Parachuting

A new year, a new Advisory Circular.  If you're a jump pilot, skydiver, rigger or DZO be sure and read the new AC 105-2E.  This AC cancels AC 105-2D, Sport Parachuting which was dated 5/18/11. I tried searching what has changed but no one has taken the time to write it out so I just compared AC 105-2D to 105-2E side by side. It is mostly slight wording changes. However there are a few paragraphs and subparts that have been removed and/or added. To save you a little time, I can direct you to the major changes: 

Ch. 4 "Background", 4C and 4D. Ch. 5 "Skydiver Safety", 5A-5I. Ch. 6 "Parachute Ops onto Airports", 6C and 6D. Ch. 7 "Jump Aircraft Maint. and Pilots", 7A-7C, Fig. 1 changed. Ch. 8 "Pilot Responsibilities", 8A-8H. Ch.11 reduced to paragraph. Ch.12 "Exhibition Jumps" numerous changes. Ch.13 "Parachute Equip", numerous changes. Ch.15 "Parachute Repairs", 15C(1-4). Hope that helps. Click HERE to read it.

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