Skydiver Glossary

If you're new to the skydiving world or you're thinking of becoming a jump pilot or skydiver you're going to have to learn the lingo. As with any industry, there exists unique words and, in common with aviation, the skydiving industry uses quite a few acronyms. Below I listed the most popular words with the definitions in alphabetical order.

AAD - Automatic Activation Device. Equipment that will automatically deploy a skydivers parachute at a predetermined altitude in the event that they become incapacitated.

AFF - Accelerated Free Fall. A method of training a person to skydive consisting of 7 levels which after completed a person is free to jump solo.

Bat Hang - A maneuver in which a skydiver hangs upside down from the leading edge of a wing. Usually performed from a Cessna 182 or 206.

Boogie - An annual celebration usually held at a drop zone that involves skydiving and other activities.

CRW - Canopy Relative Work. Advanced skydiving maneuvers done while under canopy, usually involving linking together.

DZ - Drop Zone - A place where skydiving activities are conducted.

DZM - Drop Zone Manager

DZO - Drop Zone Owner

Drop Zone - A place where skydiving activities are conducted.

HALO - High Altitude Low Opening

Hook Turn - An advanced high speed canopy turn usually performed near the ground. Some drop zones have banned this maneuver.

Hop & Pop - A jump made from a lower altitude. Usually between 3000 - 5000 feet AGL.

Hot Fuel - To refuel a turbine powered aircraft without shutting down the engine.

Manifest - The place where skydivers and/or customers check in to pay, sign waivers and get organized by staff to be put on a load.

PLF - Parachute Landing Fall

Pea Pit - A specific area where skydivers land that has been filled in with pea gravel for a softer landing.

Rig - the main canopy, drogue, reserve chute, AAD and a backpack container.

Swoop - An advanced high speed canopy landing maneuver in which vertical speed is transferred into horizontal speed.

XRW - Extreme Relative Work. Advanced skydiving maneuvers done while under canopy and/or while wearing a wing suit.

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